Iconic Revolution Brochures

Iconic brochures are just that. . . Iconic. Each image is retouched in Photoshop to perfection. We create the layouts to feature your hero shots and highlight your product details. We even write the copy for you to edit! Optionally we can manage the proof, printing, the press checks and literature storage and distribution to your reps. We are located in Chicago so we can also personally drop off your literature JIT for Neocon. Just let us know what you need. All of our work is completed to your ideal perfection on a pre-agreed flat fee.

Click to see the Iconic Revolution  PDF brochure


Hi5 Brochure Collection

This set of 12 new brochures for Hi5 is a work in progress for Neocon 2018. Shadows are FPO, but the images are branded by bright colors in a studio-esque setting to highlight that the company specifically sells tables only. Click on each brochure to open and view the pdf.

Hi5 Brochure Overview 2013

This 52 page overview elevated Hi5’s table line for training, conference and hospitality. Iconic provided the pagination, the art direction on the images, wrote the copy and created the brochure design. We used real product finishes and documented them on the last page so that Hi5 customers could specify the tables as shown in the brochure. See the full PDF brochure

Peter Pepper Peek Brochure - Designed by Iconic Revolution

Peter Pepper Peek

Iconic refreshed the 2016 Peek brochure for Peter Pepper by changing the color of their products, placing their products in different environments, and modifying their products to show how they were truly manufactured and delivered to the customer. We provided multiple page layouts for Peter Pepper to select from and custom-colored the individual geometric shapes to suit their color specifications.

Click to see the Peek  PDF brochure

Hi5 Z-fold Brochure

This Z-fold brochure was designed to promote Hi5 furniture’s custom manufacturing capabilities. With fewer brochures allowed to be leave-behinds this Z-fold captures designer’s attention standing vertically in the resource libraries of A&D firms. See the full PDF brochure

Z-fold brochure designed by Iconic Revolution to promote Hi5 Furniture's custom manufacturing capabilities to Interior Designers and Architects

Mayline Transaction

Iconic helped Mayline transform a retired product line into a modern benching system. Through our renderings we helped them define the inner-workings of their electrical systems and made the overall product line look amazing. Along the way we created dynamic versions of our original renderings that helped capture attention and win Best of Neocon contest that year. See the full PDF

Riveli Art Shelving

The Riveli brochure sparks ideas for designers to visualize various applications where they can specify the shelving. Our shelving’s channels spanned from residential to retail to healthcare, hospitality and office. Typically, separate brochures would help individuals sense that this product was specialized for their needs, but with so many markets, one overview brochure was more cost effective. The message was that Riveli can be anything from corporate branding to artwork or textile display. The shelving is just a blank canvas that can be created and recreated with magnetic images to continually refresh any space. See the full PDF brochure

Surfacetech Brochures

Iconic created three overview brochures for Surfacetech as their line grew. The unspoken theme throughout the covers are the surreal zoom that calls your attention to a focal point in the distance, similar to the mesmerizing Poltergeist calling Caroline to come into the light. Seriously blue sky, but here’s the backstory to the brochure. . .   In addition to creating the renderings and the brochure, Iconic also developed six new proprietary products in the brochure within four months! As the phrase goes, “Anything for Neocon.” See the Conference + Training full PDF brochure

Mayline Real Office

Iconic also designed the Real Office Casegoods Brochures for Mayline. We photoshopped their existing photography to look so amazing that their customers were over-estimating their price points. We wrote the copy, color corrected their wood veneer finishes, and printed six brochures with three separate printers, all using the same paper and specifications.  It was a record 72 hour press check in three locations but they turned out beautiful and delivered to their showroom just-in-time for Neocon!  Click here to see the Sorrento Brochure with photography. Click here to see the Brighton Brochure with Renderings

Mayline Pop Up

Mayline wanted a pop up brochure to show the extensive travel of their new height-adjustable desk line.